Cut Bank, Montana

The Cut Bank Hawkwatch is situated above the Cut Bank Creek, approximately 40 miles East of East Glacier, MT. Our specialty? Rough-legged Hawks in October.

Still not sure where that is? Try this link:,+MT+59427/@48.635453,-112.3476716,14z


But how? But why?

One blustery spring day in 2016, Kate Atkins walked out of the grocery store in Cut Bank and noticed a Red-tailed Hawk cruising north over the parking lot – followed by another, and another, and another. In 20 minutes, 17 Red-tailed Hawks had streamed overhead. Following some head-scratching and discussion among local raptor biologists, the flight was observed casually during fall 2016 and spring 2017, and then more robustly during fall 2017. The data so far have shown an unusual distribution of species uncommonly counted at ridgeline and coastal sites. The numbers are also compelling for these species, especially Rough-legged Hawks in October.

Check out the data at, and pitch in with a donation over there while you’re at it!

Fast-forward to 2018, and Co-Directors Kate Atkins and Tom Magarian wrangled the support of Hawkwatch International as a logistical partner, and counted the Fall 2018 flight. Data was also collected for the entire 2019 season. We chose to skip 2020 for obvious reasons, but got back out on the coulee for 2021 with HWI’s logistical support. We’re back at it in 2022.


We are always grateful for our friends at:

UMBA: Upper Missouri Breaks Audubon

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The Cut Bank Hawkwatch is proud and thrilled to have had grant support from HMANA as well for the 2018 season:

HMANA: Hawk Migration Association of North America


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