All Seasons Summary Table

Updated comparison table for all years at the CBHW. We’re sitting on site-to-site comparisons until the folks up the Front in Canada post their results (Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation). Not sure if they even counted at Vicki Ridge? But I eagerly await their juicy PDFs.

Turkey Vulture201100
Golden Eagle1021975823812
Bald Eagle96193649647
Northern Harrier155104774509
Sharp-shinned Hawk130752753113
Cooper’s Hawk351102561
Northern Goshawk7010112
Broad-winged Hawk37041170
Swainson’s Hawk1075714263810
Red-tailed Hawk3303420520014544
Rough-legged Hawk77638156243271236
Ferruginous Hawk13455822482
American Kestrel91272991
Peregrine Falcon101130
Prairie Falcon912523208
Unknown Eagle001212
Unknown Raptor3162951
Unknown Accipiter2081400
Unknown Falcon003110
Unknown Buteo9521202611
Effort (hours)71558.5431.523309934.75

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