Road Trip!

I’ll be traveling around mostly the Eastern Front next week, and posting frequently to facebook with updates and pictures – friends, birds, adventures, and the stunning vistas of the great state of Montana! There’s something magical about the prairie in the springtime…


Here’s where you’ll find me.

Great Falls

Monday May 13:

  • Upper Missouri Breaks Audubon meeting at FWP on Giant Springs Road, 7pm. I’ll give a general update on last year’s effort, and the outlook for Fall 2019. Really looking forward to seeing our friends at this one!
  • For more about this group, check out:


  • Tuesday, May 14: Last Chance Audubon Society meeting at FWP MT Wild on Broadwater Ave. I’ll be mostly hanging around with some handouts, catching up with some new and familiar faces, and listening to a really neat talk by author Sneed B. Collard III.
  • More here:

Cut Bank

  • Thursday, May 15: Cut Bank Brewery, 5-7pm. Slideshow and hangout. Hope to cross paths with just about everyone here!
  • Saturday, May 17: Cut Bank Pool Park, Bird Walk, 9am. Meet me to comb the park for spring migrants. 149 species have been documented at this little bitty park on the Eastern Front. Maybe we’ll find species # 150?

See the Cut Bank Pool Park species list here:



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